Puddle Dash, presented by Plume and Tokyobike

We're really excited for the re-release of Plume. Production is wrapping up, and everything is looking good. For the past few months, when we haven't been working with our factory on refining tooling, we've been tinkering with a side project: a virtual reality bike-arcade game called 'Puddle Dash'.

The prototype was tested at the Gadget Show back in April. Since then, we've made it bigger and better in every way we know how. We don't want to give away too much, but we can leak the following details:

  • The game involves cycling on a trainer, riding through a minefield of virtual puddles and distractions.
  • The faster you ride, the more points you'll rack up.
  • There are real splashes, and there's a good chance you'll get a bit wet.

On Friday, the 19th of September, Tokyobike will be helping us debut Puddle Dash during the London Design Festival. And you're invited! Be sure to RSVP by clicking the link below, and share with your friends. There will be prizes awarded to players who manage to reach the top of the leaderboard- but Patrick gets pretty generous when he's had a couple of drinks.

RSVP here!

Bike-Powered Chocolate Lathing

Levi's Commuter asked Plume to partner up with them this summer while they set up commuter workshops in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and London, inviting the community to stop by for free coffee, tuneups, and a space to work.

We hosted a workshop, encouraging visitors to try their hand at turning chocolate on a lathe powered by a Tokyobike. Why, you ask? We're still trying to come up with a solid answer for that. But it was a lot of fun. Click through the photos below, or experience it vicariously through our facebook page.

Plume x Levi's Commuter

We've been having a blast this summer partnering with Levi's Commuter who have opened community workshops in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and London.  This Thursday, the 14th of August, we're hosting an event at the London workshop and we hope you can join us.

From 1:00 - 3:00, visit the Commuter Workspace and carve up some chocolate on our bicycle powered chocolate lathe. We'll provide the bicycle, the chocolate, and the lathe parts of this event, you just bring your fine self. You can RSVP here. 

Plume On Display

We're super excited to have been able to participate in a range of exhibitions both in the US and the UK recently.

In the midst of chaotic post-kickstarter dispatches, David from the Barnsley Civic reached out to ask if we would include Plume in their upcoming Bicycle exhibition. We are so happy that we did. Right now, the Barnsley Civic is hosting "BIKE SHOW", an exhaustive exhibition which looks at the influence of cycling culture on contemporary design, as well as technological advancements and recent innovation. If you're in the area during the Yorkshire Festival, we STRONGLY suggest you take a look. This is the kind of exhibition we fantasize about hiding in until lock-down, and then having all to ourselves overnight. It will be open until the 12th of July. Check out the virtual tour below.


Not Long ago, we were also contacted by Gizmodo and asked to exhibit the Plume Mudguard in their exhibition for NYC Design week, the "Gizmodo Home of The Future".  We weren't exactly sure what was so futuristic about Plume, and the situation became even more polarized when a face-time enabled ipad on a self-balancing unicycle said "hi" as it rolled past me at the opening party. Regardless, we are super excited to have participated. Thanks to Gizmodo for the opportunity.

You can check out a super-speed virtual tour of the exhibition below:

Thanks so much to both Gizmodo and the Barnsley Civic for putting on such ambitious exhibitions, and for inviting us to play a small part. And if you haven't already, then get over to the Designs Of The Year award, currently on show at the Design Museum in London.

Designs of The Year, 2014

We are thrilled that Plume is one of the nominees for the Designs of The Year Award, 2014. On Thursday, the 17th of April, Plume goes head to head with another nominee, the GoPro Hero Black 3 for your vote.

To vote, all you need to do is visit and click on the Plume Mudguard. you'll need to vote using your Facebook or Twitter account. But as far as we know, there are no rules against creating as many twitter accounts as you can for multiple votes.  Voting is only open for 24 hours on the 17th of April.

We are incredibly grateful for the love and support the Design Museum have shown us. Be sure to check out the exhibition at the Design Museum in London, open through August. 


Gadget Show Live


Patrick has been down at the Gadget Show Live all this week. Visitors were invited to play a new Plume video game involving a projection, a bike, and virtual puddles with real-life splashes.

Riders are instructed to pedal on the bicycle trainer while the "point-of-view" style video takes the rider through NYC streets. Various distractions appear such as a poorly a drawn spiderman, or an animation of Pacman and Ms. Pacman meeting, but when the virtual reality puddle appears, the rider must unfurl the Plume Mudguard quickly enough to avoid getting splashed.

Everyone's a winner in our book.

Visit Plume at Spin London

No plans this weekend? Plans this weekend that aren't as fun as rocking out on a kids bike at the truman brewery? Come hang with Patrick at Spin London!  -

We're going to be hanging out, drooling over all things bike related, and playing a few rounds of that weird game we invented for our launch party. Check the video below for strategic planning. See you Saturday!

Design Of The Year Nomination, Plume Arrivals, Scratch-Off Ticket

Some extremely exciting things have been happening recently:

- Our pre-order customers (the first people to ride with Plume EVER) have started to receive their Plumes in the mail and have been giving us some very positive feedback

- Plume was nominated by the London Design Museum for the Designs Of The Year Award

-Patrick won £5 on a scratch off card that only cost £3


If you pre-ordered Plume, either through Kickstarter or our web shop, and have not received it yet, have no fear. It's will be arriving soon. We severely underestimated how long it would take to do things like manually apply thousands of customs declaration stickers, or format addresses with non-english characters- the types of things which no one tells you about in 'how to start a business' books (not that we had the foresight to read any in the first place).

We are also super excited to announce that Plume has been nominated for the Designs Of The Year Award. If you're in London in the next few months (from the 26th of March to the 25th of August) you should absolutely check out the exhibition at the London Design Museum.


And Patrick made a profit of £3 during a recent scratch-off related gamble. He's feeling pretty good about that.

belated press

We would have missed this bit of press from Cycling Active magazine if it hadn't been for Chris in the UK.  Thanks Chris! 


so long Pre-sales, hello production

As of Sunday, August 11th, pre-sales of the Plume Mudguard have been suspended in order to make way for a frantic production run.  We are so grateful to everyone who has shown their support so far.  We have received tons of emails from excited bike riders all over the world, and nothing gets us more energized than hearing from fans of Plume.

Keep in the loop by signing up to our mailing list, and be sure to check back for updates on production, and to find out where you can buy plume in 2014.

You gotta fight for your right

Last month, Plume threw two launch parties.  One was held in London, and the other in Brooklyn, NY.  We made sure to catch some footage of both in an effort to share the experience.  You might be asking yourself, "How did they film two parties on opposite ends of the Atlantic ocean?"  The answer?  Two cameras.  We're pretty fancy.

The best way to taste Plume

If you haven't already, take a look at our Vimeo page.  We try and put up new footage whenever we can.  Plume will be ready to ship out in October, but we feel videos are the best way to share Plume with you until then.

We won the Kickstarter!

Thanks to everyone who showed their support through pledges, and through spreading the word on Plume.  We are so incredibly humbled by the sheer number of people who showed their interest by supporting the project.  Now it's time to kick into gear and start the production process.  

For those who weren't able to order Plume through our Kickstarter campaign while it was up, you can still get a piece of the action by pre-ordering through our online shop.  The shop will be up and running within 24 hours so stay tuned. 




They like us, they really like us

One week left!

We've been quiet...too quiet. But that quiet is a good thing. We've been working behind the scenes, getting our manufacturers ready, building a better web platform to allow people to continue making orders after Kickstarter, and teaming up with some absolute geniuses who are working to make sure that Plume will be available in stores before too long. Oh, and a bit of party planning too. All of this, by the way, would not have been possible without you. We are so grateful to you all for the love and support you have given us.

With a week left in the campaign, we figured it would be a good time to give you a bit of an update.

The date for the parties is about to be pinned down. We want to be sure that we have a good number of prototypes for everyone to play around with. Our spring manufacturer is finishing up a big job at the moment but we're looking at sometime in the second week of July. Stay tuned, we'll give you a more exact date as soon as we can lock it down. If you haven't got your self a ticket, and you live near London or NYC, I highly suggest you increase your pledge. There are some extra incentives involved, and it's really the last excuse for us to get reckless before we have to become a responsible business entity.

As for the production of your Plume. We're looking forward to bringing you all along on this process. Tooling needs to be made, tested, tweaked, and re-made. Material compositions need to be played with. We'll probably have to light some things on fire (for testing purposes) and all of this will be documented for your viewing pleasure. Plume is not a simple product. It's not something which can be carved from foam, 3d printed, or injection moulded. There are multiple materials, each with dynamic properties, which interact to create a unique product and experience. Plume has taken years to develop, and if it wasn't for you, it probably would never see the light of day. If the production process from here on out is anything like the development process, the next few months are going to be very exciting.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Go for a bike ride, enjoy the summer (if it happens to be summer where you are), and treat yourself to an ice cream cone.

I know we've already posted this video here, but it just sums up how we feel right nowso well. And for anyone experiencing rain right now, this ones for you.